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Spam Text Saves the Day

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

ExplosionLast New Year’s Eve, a suicide bomber in Russia was preparing to blow herself up amongst the crowds in Red Square. The bomb was to be triggered remotely by a handler, who would send a text message to a cell phone attached to the explosives. Unfortunately for the bomber, the phone received an unexpected and unwanted text several hours before the planned detonation. The bomb exploded, killing her and no one else.

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The Reliability of URL Shorteners

Monday, October 25th, 2010

InternetIn this age of Twitter and its 140-character limit on tweets, the most important aspect of URL shorteners is how many characters they use up. But don’t forget to take into account the likelihood of the site staying in business. Libya is the home of the .ly top-level domain, and is the parent of the highly-popular URL shortener and others. These domains, however, fall under Libyan law which is based on Islamic law and is more restrictive than the United States concerning what’s objectionable. Take the case of, an adult-friendly shortening service shut down by Libyan authorities because its home page included a picture of co-founder Violet Blue, scantily-clad and holding a bottle in her hand. The linked article has more details.

Here at the Chad’s News network command center, we always go with because it’s a fairly safe bet.

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To Avoid Conflict, Teachers Forgo Holocaust And Crusades

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

AbsurdSome schools in the UK are dropping the Holocaust from their curricula because they fear the lessons may offend Muslim students. Additionally, they’ve removed the crusades because those lessons contradict what is taught in the Islamic mosques.

I’m speechless…

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How To Be a Virgin Bride

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

WeddingWomen in France who come from families with Muslim values are feeling the pressure to be virgins when they marry. But what do you do when you’re not one? Just go to the doctor and have your hymen sewn back together.

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Shia Islam vs. Sunni Islam

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

IslamWe’ve all heard about the Shias and the Sunnis in Iraq, but a lot of Americans don’t really know what that means. The linked article gives a quick breakdown of the main differences between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam, the two primary Muslim denominations. It all comes down to the succession of power from Muhammad.


The Irony Of Islam

Monday, September 25th, 2006


Charles Krauthammer, a columnist for The Washington Post, has written an op-ed piece on the Islamic response to Pope Benedict’s speech. Here’s an exerpt from the article:

“‘How dare you say Islam is a violent religion? I’ll kill you for it’ is not exactly the best way to go about refuting the charge.”

I cannot agree with him more. The main defense I’ve heard of the violent reactions to the Pope’s speech is that these people only represent a tiny minority of the Islamic community. Baloney! The vast majority of Muslims still allow the violence by not condemning it. If mainstream Islam truly opposed the activities of this “fringe minority”, the extremists would be arrested and charged with crimes—just as we do with “Christian” abortion activists who firebomb clinics and try to kill the doctors.

And the weirdest thing is that the Islamic community does not appear to see the inconsistency between their words and actions. That’s the irony of Islam.


UPDATE: Just to be fair, here is a differing opinion.

Controversial Pictures of Mohammad

Monday, February 13th, 2006


Here are the 12 cartoon pictures of Mohammad that are causing so much controversy. Given the reaction, I was expecting something much worse.…