Unlimited Pet Leveling with Sir Galveston

October 1st, 2018

NOTE: This guide was written in 2018 and was correct and up-to-date at that time. Things change, however, so please leave a comment if anything needs to be added or changed.

Sir Galveston is a pet master in Dalaran – Broken Isles who periodically appears for a world quest. He’s great for leveling an arbitrary number of pets, for the following reasons:

  • Sir Galveston remains after the world quest is done and can be fought repeatedly until you leave the zone, leveling as many pets as you wish.
  • The carry pet takes no damage and can be any level.
  • The required pets are fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain, assuming you have revered status with Court of Farondis in Legion.
  • Rewards significant pet XP, even for a level 24 carry pet.
  • Reliable: I’m seeing about a 1-2% failure rate.
  • Well-scripted: the only variation is whether or not you repeat the final action.
  • Fairly short: typically less than 90 seconds.

Disclaimer: the first part of this strategy is from this guide.[1]


  1. Court Scribe (P/S) (1/2/2)
  2. Carry Pet
  3. Scourged Whelpling (P/S) (x/1/2)

It should be acceptable to substitute Lofty Libram (1/2/2) for Court Scribe. Most other substitutions probably won’t work, as this strategy relies on specific abilities and combinations of abilities. I recommend using the P/S breed for Scourged Whelpling instead of the H/H breed.

Fight Instructions/Strategy (video here):

Court Scribe:
Curse of Doom[2]
Arcane Blast <Coach swaps in before it goes off>
Amplify Magic[3] <enemy flies up high before it goes off>
Arcane Blast until Coach is dead[4]
Sir Murkeston swaps in[5]
Arcane Blast <Greatest Foe swaps in before it goes off>
Arcane Blast <you die before it goes off>

Carry Pet:
Swap in carry pet
Swap in Scourged Whelpling[6]

Scourged Whelpling:
Call Darkness[7]
Dreadful Breath until all enemies are dead[8]


  1. The guide has been deleted or moved since this article was created.
  2. This will do nearly 1500 damage to Sir Murkeston while he’s swapped out. It’s essentially a one-shot.
  3. Do this for two reasons: (1) Coach will fly high and can’t be hit, and (2) this will also boost the Curse of Doom damage when it goes off.
  4. Sir Murkeston takes Curse of Doom hit in the background on the same round Coach dies. Leaves him with minimal health or kills him outright for a critical hit.
  5. Or Greatest Foe if Sir Murkeston died, but that doesn’t change what you do.
  6. Note that because you swap the carry pet in after a death, it can swap out immediately while still getting XP but without taking damage This would not be the case if you swapped in/out at another time.
  7. While this reduces accuracy, causing Dreadful Breath to occasionally miss, the damage done and the healing denied make it worth using.
  8. This will kill Sir Murkeston while he’s swapped out.

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