Computer Security Terms Explained

February 14th, 2013

Computer SecurityEver wondered about the difference between a virus, a trojan, and a worm? And just what is a drive-by download? And if my computer is a zombie, will it try to eat my brain? Kim Komando uses everyday language to explain these terms and more, in the linked article.


2 Responses to “Computer Security Terms Explained”

  1. [link]Josh Says:

    Seems that 2 predominant ways people sneak onto your machine are Java (in a browser) and PDF’s:

    “Kaspersky Lab estimated that last year 50 percent of all website exploitations were due to vulnerabilities in Java. Adobe’s Acrobat Reader accounted for another 28 percent of vulnerabilities.”

  2. [link]Chad Cloman Says:

    Wow. It appears Flash has managed to lose its #1 position in that list.

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