Tech Gear to Avoid

November 18th, 2012

GadgetThe linked article gives a breakdown on tech gear that may seem like a good deal but which should probably be avoided. In many cases it’s possible to get a much better item for just a little more money.

Here’s the short version of what not to buy:

  • Budget Android gadgets
  • 17-inch laptops
  • Bridge cameras
  • Entry-level e-readers
  • Budget LCD TVs


One Response to “Tech Gear to Avoid”

  1. [link]Josh Says:

    So I can see Kim’s point on 17″ laptops not being for everyone — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t for anyone. Big laptops are heavier and have shorter battery life but with lots of screen real estate so most people would don’t gain from its advantages but suffer from their shortcomings.

    However, developers and video editors really do have different needs than the general populace. I really need lots of screen, lots of resolution, lots of disk, lots of memory but I run mathematical models on large datasets. A 13″ Macbook would be awful for me. Where would I store a couple 200GB datasets? If I want to debug a 1280×900 user screen, where would my debug window go? If I need to run 3 virtual machines to simulate a web server, a database server and a client machine and each needs to be 4GB of RAM it would be likely impossible on a regular laptop.

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