High Cigarette Taxes Don’t Stop the Poor From Smoking

September 29th, 2012

Mr. ButtsCigarette taxes are typically justified by earmarking them to cover the increased health care costs for smokers, but I think they’re really imposed in an effort to make the cost so high that smokers will quit. In New York City smokers pay an insanely high cigarette tax rate, $6.46 per pack, yet a recent study shows “no decline in smoking among low-income smokers, despite tax increases since 2003”.

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2 Responses to “High Cigarette Taxes Don’t Stop the Poor From Smoking”

  1. [link]Josh Says:

    Smokers are cheaper not more expensive over their entire lifetime. Smoking kills you

  2. [link]Chad Cloman Says:

    Indeed. But the smoking taxes I’ve voted on were earmarked for health care.

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