Is Global Warming Anthropogenic?

June 1st, 2012

Recycle LogoGlobal warming has moved from the realm of science into that of politics. There appear to be two main issues of contention. First, is global warming actually happening? Second, if temperatures are rising, is humanity the cause (is it anthropogenic)? The first question seems to be debated less and less and was covered in a recent Chad’s News post. The second question has transformed into a matter of opinion, becoming dogmatic and removing itself somewhat from hard science. The linked article discusses a recent study that comes down on the side of anthropogenic global warming. One interesting note in the study’s simulation is that the release of aerosols has lessened the impact of global warming.

Here at Chad’s News we think that global warming is real and is probably anthropogenic, but we shrug our shoulders and say, “So what. Climate change happens and the world adapts.”


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