What in the World is LibreOffice?

March 25th, 2012

OpenOffice BoxMany Chad’s News readers are probably familiar with OpenOffice, the free alternative to Microsoft Office that was originally owned by Sun Microsystems (and then Oracle after it purchased Sun). But have you heard about LibreOffice? According to the linked article, LibreOffice started out as a free, open-source version of OpenOffice that was created when Oracle didn’t seem interested in continuing OpenOffice development.

Should users switch from OpenOffice to LibreOffice? I can’t say. (Here at the Chad’s News Network Command Center, we still use StarOffice 5.2, the precursor to OpenOffice.) But a quick view of the OpenOffice website shows that Oracle has donated it to Apache, so it’s no longer under Oracle’s control. The linked article doesn’t seem to take this fact into account.

Link: http://www.komando.com/…

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