Communicating Via Neutrinos

March 17th, 2012

ScientistNeutrinos are nearly massless particles that can easily go through most materials. Neutrinos routinely zip through massive bodies such as the Earth without touching anything. In fact, billions of them pass through our body every second. As such, neutrinos would be a perfect communications medium—no cables, no satellites, and if you wanted to contact the other side of the planet, you’d just point the beam through the Earth. One could just as easily contact the far side of the Moon or one of the other planets.

This sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers have managed to send a short neutrino-based message through 780 feet of rock. The implications are staggering, but the experiment was only proof-of-concept, and the technology is nowhere near the point that it can be effectively used for real-world communications. But still…

(via Kim Komando)

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