Psychopaths Consistently Identify Victims With Just a Look

January 18th, 2011

From the article: “[P]sychologists have long been known that the more psychopathic a person is, the more easily they can identify potential victims. Indeed, they can do so just by watching the way a person moves. In one study, test subjects watched videos of twelve individuals walking, shot from behind, and rated how easily they could be mugged. As it happened, some of the people in the videotapes really had been mugged—and the most psychopathic of the subjects were able to tell which was which.”

(via Lifehacker)

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  1. [link]Eric Says:

    It’s funny how the point about blaming the victims was taken off on a tangent. Because the “victim behaviors” that psychopaths target are deep-seated behaviors that are probably instilled during childhood by your parents.

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