Is It a Puzzle or a Gun?

August 21st, 2010

The IntimidatorThe “Intimidator” is a 125-piece metal puzzle by GarE Maxton, made from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, magnesium, and steel. As an extra bonus, some of the parts can be assembled into a functioning .45 caliber handgun. Of course, weighing in at over 40 pounds, this probably isn’t something you’d carry on an airplane in the hopes of smuggling a firearm aboard. And there’s always the possibility that the security guards would make you disassemble it, in which case you’d have to know how to put it back together again. The linked article has several pages of detailed information and pictures. Pricing is not available on the website, but I’m guessing it’s in the $15,000 to $20,000 range based on his other stuff.

(via Neatorama)

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