US Health Reform Simplified

March 25th, 2010

GovernmentHealth reform is now law in the United States, but it’s a far cry from the government-run healthcare that exists in the United Kingdom and Canada. It boils down to this:

  • Private insurance companies are restricted in their ability to discontinue or deny care.
  • Employers must offer health insurance.
  • Medicare and Medicaid are expanded.
  • Everyone is required to have health insurance.
  • Taxes are increased.

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One Response to “US Health Reform Simplified”

  1. [link]Daniel Holt Says:

    I really appreciate the opportunity to review some synopsis coverage of the healthcare reform. I’m personally well covered, so I haven’t paid the sort of attention to this issue that I probably should have.

    I’ve been skeptical about the ability of Congress to get anything functional into law, but it seems that we’ve finally got something in place and it may not be as evil as everyone first feared.

    I think that we really need to give the reforms some time to play out, we need to keep Congress and the Obama administration out of the kitchen for a bit to see if things are better, worse or status quo. Then take some next steps.

    All in all, let’s give it a chance. I don’t see why we can’t cover our citizens for healthcare. Maybe we should look at incenting healthy behavior next. Maybe tax breaks for documented gym visits or M.D.-certified healthy weight-loss. That might also help our healthcare costs. But that smacks of Big Brother, doesn’t it.

    Will it ever be over, or will we eventually realize that sometimes we’er our own worst enemy and we need to take some personal responsibility…but that’s another discussion thread, isn’t it.

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