Man Sues Neighbor For Using an iPhone

February 4th, 2010

TransmitterA man who claims he is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation is suing his neighbor for using her iPhone at home.

(via Kim Komando)

2 Responses to “Man Sues Neighbor For Using an iPhone”

  1. [link]donna Says:

    This lawsuit story is almost as bad as the nonsensical coverage about the word “pad” in the term for the new Ipad. What a lot of idiocy! Do you think these people always have their minds in the gutter? What about a pad of paper? Whoever came up with that term, “pad”? Perhaps the new TV advertisements.

  2. [link]Parrish Shook Says:

    If this even gets to court we’re in serious trouble as a company. Suddenly anyone using a cellphone or wireless can be sued. How stupid is that? I think

    1) any lawyer who takes the case should be disbarred from this planet and fined at least $1M for even considering it and $1M more for taking it.

    2) any judge who takes it should face the same fate.

    Truly how dumb can people be?

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