Firefox Market Share Beats Internet Explorer 6

November 29th, 2009

FirefoxFirefox has reached a milestone: its market share for October beat that of Internet Explorer 6 (24.07% vs. 23.30%). What I find most amazing is that IE6 still has a 23 percent share. Security holes, standards noncompliance, and lack of features are all good reasons to upgrade to IE8. I’ve heard that much of the IE6 use is from corporate computer systems that are locked down by their system administrators, such that they can’t be upgraded.


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  1. [link]Daniel Holt Says:

    IE6 was standard with WinXP. People don’t upgrade. If it doesn’t come down automatically with WindowsUpdate, then they stay where they were. That’s my experience and that’s why IE6 still have nearly a quarter of the browser space. If Microsoft were to force updates, then they’d be blasted for forcing the browser forward. If they don’t, they get blasted for security problems which updated browser technology repairs. I think we need to remember that it is still a Personal Computer and the owner/operator does have much of the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. The automaker isn’t going to honor your warranty if you don’t change the oil after 52,000 miles, are they? Just some rambling opionions.

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