What It’s Like to be a Computer Programmer

July 10th, 2009

Geek“When you finally stretch and kick back from the laptop keyboard, it takes you a minute or two to remember where the hell you are. There’s the usual moment of disorientation, a kind of existential dizziness as you re-enter the everyday time-stream in which most people spend their lives: Hours have slid by unnoticed, feeling like minutes (except for the ache in your neck and the gritty heat in your eyes). Sometimes you doubt that any time has passed: But when you look at your clock you realize it’s nearly ten at night. … [You] blink as you stumble out of the office, noticing for the first time that you’re really hungry.” —Charles Stross, Halting State, pp. 66–67

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  1. [link]Tony Edgin Says:

    That sums it up quite nicely!

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