Google Chrome Version 2

May 23rd, 2009

GoogleHere at Chad’s News we have a love-love relationship with Firefox, but it has problems with the script-heavy Facebook site. So I use Google Chrome, with its faster JavaScript processing and minimal overhead, just for Facebook. And it makes a difference.

Google has just released a new version of Chrome. It has a few enhancements, about 300 bug fixes, and even faster script processing. If you haven’t already tried Chrome, this may be the time to test it out. I personally find it to be too minimalistic and wish it had some sort of ad blocking feature, but Chrome has benefits that you won’t find in Internet Explorer or Firefox.


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  1. [link]josh Says:

    I just use for my hostfile. It maps most ad and phishing sites to (localhost) so they don’t resolve and you don’t get ads. Helps all my browsers.

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