Swapping Hard Drives the Easy Way

March 10th, 2009

Hard DriveWhy go to all the hassle of a dual- or triple-boot system when you can mechanically switch between hard drives? The linked article explains how to build the switch—or you can purchase one from the article’s author. One caveat: do not swap drives while the computer is powered on. Ever.

Link: http://www.thesataswitch.com/
(via Lifehacker)

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  1. [link]Parrish Shook Says:

    But the only difficult part of building a dual boot system is getting windoze to install. On the few occasions I switch, I just tell Suse to boot in windoze before I go do so it’s easier and faster than powering all the way down and then flipping the switch, then powering back up. But for some I guess it has merit.

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