Creating Oil Instead Of Pumping It, Part 2

June 21st, 2008

Gas PumpIn an update to this Chad’s News article, the researchers at LS9 have made some significant advances with their genetically-engineered bacteria that create gasoline, especially in terms of what can be used as raw materials. From the article: “The company is not interested in using corn as feedstock … instead, different types of agricultural waste will be used according to whatever makes sense for the local climate and economy: wheat straw in California, for example, or woodchips in the South.”

(via Engadget)

2 Responses to “Creating Oil Instead Of Pumping It, Part 2”

  1. [link]josh Says:

    Raven Biofuels International: RVBF.OB. They claim to have the ability to make cellulosic ethanol from non food sources for $0.60 a gallon. I hope its real.
    I do not currently own RVBF and this is not a buy or sell recommendation on this stock, merely a real world application of what Chad has commented on.


  2. [link]Chad Cloman Says:

    This is fantastic. For all those years when we couldn’t pursue alternative fuels because gasoline was so cheap. Now they’re viable, and we’ve got companies coming out of the woodwork.

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