A Useful File-sharing Site

January 22nd, 2008

TipsI’ve just learned of a new site that allows you to share files with others—it’s called drop.io. Say you need to send a large file to several recipients. Rather than emailing it, just “drop” it to drop.io and send the link. The main difference between drop.io and other, similar sites, is that drop.io does not require anyone to register. It does, however, have a 100MB limitation.

Another feature of drop.io is that it gives out a phone number. Call the number and leave a message, then drop.io will convert the message to MP3 format and upload it to your drop. Neat!

Link: http://drop.io/
(via Lifehacker)

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  1. [link]David Bradley Says:

    Hey Chad, nice find. I wrote about other instant file sharing sites for Sciencetext a while back and was going to mention Izimi here, but apparently they’ve changed to a different system called sharenow.com which is at the pre-register stage. Might be worth a look once it’s firing on all four though…


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