Say Goodbye to Incandescent Light Bulbs

January 4th, 2008

Light bulbCome 2012, US retailers will no longer be able to sell “normal” incandescent light bulbs. This means that either most people will have to switch to compact fluorescents (CFLs), or manufacturers will have to design incandescents that are more efficient. LED-based light bulbs are also a possibility. For me, first thing I did when I moved in was replace all my light bulbs with CFLs.

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2 Responses to “Say Goodbye to Incandescent Light Bulbs”

  1. [link]David Bradley Says:

    Each CFL contains about 5 milligrams of mercury vapor, they’re going to be a nightmare to recycle…


  2. [link]David Bradley Says:

    I just heard a very obvious joke related to the illumination debacle:

    How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None. They just banned them.

    Did I say it was funny?


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