How To Securely Close a Bag of Chips

December 30th, 2007

TipsEver needed to close a bag of chips but didn’t have a clip available? This video shows a simple way to securely close the bag. I’ve tried it, and it works pretty well.

(via Lifehacker)

One Response to “How To Securely Close a Bag of Chips”

  1. [link]David Bradley Says:

    the phrase “close a bag of chips” does not compute. Not because I’m a Brit and the word chips means French Fries over here, but the idea of actually being able to stop eating half way through the bag and having the foresight to close the bag (of crisps, as we call them) and saving them for another day…I certainly didn’t close any bags of chips over the Christmas period, in fact, judging by my blood pressure and the reading on the scales this morning I think I went slightly over the top when it comes to the various salty fat products available to glutamate addicts.


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