The Intelligent Choice In the HD Format War

November 20th, 2007

DiscRegular Chad’s News readers know that we’ve been covering the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. LG Electronics has decided to make the point moot, by releasing a player that can handle both formats.

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One Response to “The Intelligent Choice In the HD Format War”

  1. [link]josh Says:

    I have seen many signs that spinning optical media is
    reaching the end of its life: SSD becoming cheap and
    affordable; everyone downloading their music to their
    MP3 players; downloadable movies; companies I work
    with no longer offer updates except via download; and
    lastly Mr. Gates’ prediction of the end of all
    physical media. I believe we will go to Read Only
    SSDs and then nothing.
    While this article talks about the various media
    formats, similar to Chad’s link, for me the relevant
    bit is the prediction of the end. See
    I’ve quoted the relevant bits
    … Bill Gates, … said: “For [Microsoft], it’s not
    the physical format. Understand that this is the
    last physical format there will ever be
    by Josh, not Bill]. Everything’s going to be streamed
    directly or on a hard disk. So, in this way, it’s
    even unclear how much this one counts”

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