What Is HD Radio And Why Should I Care?

October 29th, 2007

RadioHere in Denver, several of the radio stations are announcing that they also broadcast HD radio. It’s a higher-quality, digital signal and is transmitted at the same frequency as the regular signal. HD radio is free but requires a special tuner. Has anyone tried it out yet? Let me know in the comments section.

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2 Responses to “What Is HD Radio And Why Should I Care?”

  1. [link]Jane Says:

    It’s similar to the switch to digital TV that will occur in February 2009. While that one is mandated by law, the HD radio is not, so you still have the option whether or not to use it.

    People who have analog TVs today will need to buy a special converter box to tune into regular broadcast TV after February 2009. Comcast provides its cable tv subscribers with such a converter box already.

  2. [link]no Says:

    The way i see it is this, When I was building speakers, no one wanted to pay the higher price for quality. So you bring in a high quality signal, process it with your spankin’ new HD system and then pipe it through garbage speakers, I expect the average person will be unhappy though they will probably still notice a difference. Put that same signal through the speakers I built for my bro about 5 years ago and you’ll probably have an eargasm. That’s my take, but . . .

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