How To Send Large Files Via Email

October 10th, 2006


Let’s discuss sending large attachments via email. It’s very easy, in these days of broadband internet access, to forget that some people still have dial-up—in which case they have to wait and wait for their email to download, all the while hoping the connection stays up and doesn’t time out. It’s just plain annoying. (I once received a spam email with an 11MB attachment. It would’ve taken me over an hour to download, and I finally dealt with it by just deleting the mail spool file on my server.) Alternatively, sometimes an email server is configured to reject attachments above a certain size, in which case it’s not possible to send the attachment. There is a better way…

I resolve this matter by uploading the file to my web site and sending an email with a link. For those who don’t have personal domains, the linked article lists free services that let you upload a large file for others to download.…

UPDATE: Kim Komando has locked down this particular article, so here is an alternate link that gives the same information. (Thanks to Josh.)

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