Buy A Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb Today

September 6th, 2006

LightbulbAccording to the linked article, if every U.S. household replaced one regular 60-watt lightbulb with an equivalent compact fluorescent (CFL), the resulting energy savings could power a city of 1.5 million people (which is about the population of the Denver metro area where I live). Along this same line, Wal*Mart is trying to sell one CFL to each of its 100 million customers. (Note that there are about 110 million households in the US, which correlates nicely with the 100 million CFLs that Wal*Mart is trying to sell.) This is a good thing, and I encourage you to spread the word. First thing I do whenever I move into a new place is to replace all the conventional bulbs with CFLs.…
(via slashdot)

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