Collecting On Fake Checks

August 2nd, 2006


This man received some junk mail that included a non-negotiable sample check for $95,093.35 (along the lines of “you could make this much money if you use our get-rich-quick system”). Just for kicks he deposited the check, and it cleared. Fully expecting it to bounce at a later date, he didn’t withdraw the money. But after several weeks with no bounce and repeated reassurances by the bank, he decided to do some research. Turns out the check was indeed negotiable, even though it said “non-negotiable for cash.” So he got to keep the money. Note to self: Do not use real bank account information on fake checks…

This reminds me of my days in college, where a credit card insurance company sent me real checks. I was supposed to fill out my credit card info on the back but never did. I got several pizzas from that deal.…
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