Flash-Based Drives

May 24th, 2006

Hard Drive

An extra $1200 for a flash-based “hard drive” is steep, but I expect the price to fall significantly over time. Hard drives are one of the weakest points in a computer system, mainly because of their mechanical nature. I just had one fail after many years of use, and it wasn’t pretty. A solid-state storage device would be a great improvement, both in speed and durability.


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  1. [link]Chad’s News - SanDisk Flash Hard Drive Says:

    […] SanDisk is rolling out a 32GB notebook hard drive that uses flash memory instead of spinning platters. Chad’s News has covered this previously, but (as expected) the prices are coming down. On the same general topic, hard drive manufacturers are banding together to develop hybrid hard drives that combine a flash memory buffer with traditional spinning platters. […]

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