Attention Bloglines Users

April 17th, 2006

Having just switched to bloglines I was pleasantly surprised to see two subscribers to Chad’s News. But as I dug further, I found that the bloglines experience was not as good as expected.

First and foremost, the title link for each entry is modified by bloglines, and returns a 404 error. I’ve checked the raw feed, and it is not my fault—bloglines is the culprit. I just finished sending them feedback, and hopefully they will fix this soon.

Second, I make liberal use of the <dfn> HTML tag when using words that may require definitions. I use javascript to open the definition in another window, but bloglines strips the javascript, thus making the definition useless. For future entries, I will use a non-javascript method (like this). Also, <dfn>’d words are in italics (I have some really neat formatting for them, but it’s in the CSS style rules and doesn’t get included in the RSS feed—and bloglines strips out style information anyway.).

Thanks for subscribing to Chad’s News, and feel free to contact me with any comments.

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