Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?

April 1st, 2006


I know a good bit about how to use Linux, but I’m completely lost when the discussion turns to the merits of the various “flavors” that are available (Debian vs. Slackware anyone?). In the past, I just went with Red Hat because I knew it was a good choice, but that particular distribution has been discontinued. This article compares ten of the most popular Linux distributions. It’s an easy read, good for non-experts.


2 Responses to “Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?”

  1. [link]Anonymous Says:

    I can’t say that I agree with all the comments, but, Suse 9.2 is
    looking that Mac OS X.3
    and FAR better looking than xp. It’s easy to install and has much
    sound drivers out of the
    box than Mandriva. Gentoo, I’ve gotten it up twice. But only from
    and stage three. I’ve
    failed at stage 1 a number of times. I kept/keep going back to
    Mandrake/Mandriva but Suse 9.2 is
    what I’ve had loaded most for of the last year. But of course my
    still runs RH7.3. I’m
    pretty sure that Debian has had a graphical installer since Sarge
    My $.02

  2. [link]Anonymous Says:

    Actually, I think Slackware is probably the Easiest to install since you just put it in and answer 1 or 2 questions and away it goes, but since Linux is all about fine grained control and you really have no control over that for the install, I have stayed away. The people I know who use it do indeed use it as a server.

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