A New Type of Hammer

April 1st, 2006


Despite the fact that today is April 1st, this is not a joke. The Stanley tool company has actually trademarked the word “fubar”. It stands for ‘functional utility bar,’ and it’s a new type of hammer. (I read about this in the March issue of Popular Science.) Apparently, with the advent of nail guns, hammers are being used less for hitting nails and more for general destruction. With this in mind, Stanley has redesigned the hammer to include (1) a head for striking, (2) jaws for prying/ripping, (3) a slot for pulling nails, and (4) a pry bar. And yes, you can still use it to hammer nails.


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  1. [link]Chad’s News - The HurriQuake Nail Says:

    […] Fresh on the heels of the Functional Utility Bar, the folks at Stanley/Bostich have developed a better nail. Popular Science has named the Hurriquake® nail as its innovation of the year. The nail is designed to help prevent the roof from lifting off a house during a hurricane, and it also works against the shear forces caused by earthquakes. It looks like a good thing, but I can’t believe they actually patented the idea of a larger nail head. […]

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